Plausible rice yield losses under future climate warming

3 de April 2017CREAF

Josep Peñuelas leads a study which suggests that rice yield will be more senstive to climate warming. Adaptatation polices to climate change are urgently needed...


Wildfires can favor the diversity of flora and fauna

24 de March 2017Verónica Couto Antelo

In many ecosystems, fire promotes a greater variety of species of plants and animals since it creates a more diverse set of environments. The positive effects...

Phosphorus, once only a nutrient, has become a contaminant on a global scale

17 de March 2017Albert Naya i Díaz

Freshwater ecosystems near densely populated areas have levels of phosphorus which are very high and out of balance with nitrogen levels. This has resulted in...

Barcelona sets an example for management of green space and air quality

14 de March 2017Verónica Couto Antelo

A report requested by the European Commission considers multiple societal changes and potential nature-based solutions. A group of European researchers helped write the report, among...


The loss of predators can reduce the diversity of prey

9 de March 2017J.Luis Ordóñez

A study by CREAF and the Smithsonian Institute for Tropical Research shows that when the populations of large and mid-sized vertebrate animal are reduced, a...

BeWater Project Local Policy Forum in the Tordera River Basin

6 de March 2017CREAF

On Tuesday 24 January, the final local event of the BeWater project, a European project coordinated by CREAF was celebrated in Sant Celoni (Vallès Oriental). ...

The Catalonian Government and CREAF define the Catalonian program for comprehensive biodiversity monitoring

24 de February 2017Verónica Couto Antelo

This pioneering initiative puts Catalonia at the forefront of biodiversity monitoring, together with countries such as the United Kingdom and The United States of America.  ...


Thinking on group selection

4 de April 2017Jaume Terradas

Darwin introduced the idea that selection might not only affect individuals but also other levels. This was a logical extension of his theory.  ...

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“You only really understand your research if you are able to explain it to a child.”

30 de March 2017Verónica Couto Antelo

Corina Basnou is a postdoctoral biologist working at CREAF since 2005. Currently, she is studying the topics of ecosystem service and biodiversity.  ...


WaterInnEU launches a new ‘Marketplace’

28 de March 2017CREAF

With this video, European project WaterInnEU shows the new market platform. It's designed as a tool that screens the most relevant products and services for...

Carlos Herrera, prize Haeckel, Joan Martínez Alier, Leontief Prize

7 de March 2017Jaume Terradas

I want to dedicate my March’ article in this blog to two very distinguished scientists in the fields of ecology and ecological economics, an Andalusian...

The forest fate: winning time

6 de March 2017Francisco Lloret

What is the future that the Mediterranean forests expect? Climate change is already strongly felt and its impacts reach everywhere. Francisco Lloret tells the current...


‘Big data’: the infinitesimal detail of an almost infinite number of cases

11 de January 2017Francisco Lloret

The almost infinite amount of data that we are capable of generating, known as 'big data', offers great opportunities but also great challenges for both...


Towards a general theory of evolution

10 de January 2017Jaume Terradas

Neo-Darwinism seems to be overcome, and there is already a need for a paradigm shift which reformulates and completes the Theory of Evolution....

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