CREAF wants young people to catch the science bug with a new programme of summer grants

1 de March 2021CREAF

This summer and within the Severo Ochoa program, we will offer to 4 undergraduate students the possibility of a two-month stay as an ecology researcher through the 1st CREAF Summer Fellowship Programme. It's aim is to become the first step of undergraduate student’s research career.


Measuring the biodiversity of European agriculture, FRAMEwork’s project objective

16 de February 2021Adriana Clivillé

Agriculture's commitment to biodiversity is the guiding thread of FRAMEwork, an H2020 scientific research project in which CREAF provides specialization in citizen science and data standardization. The aim of the proposal is to innovate in the agricultural sector in Europe.  


#ICOMMIT, CREAF people are committed to equality between men and women in the scientific community

9 de February 2021CREAF

Women represent less than 30% of the world's research personnel. In Spain, they occupy only 25% of the female professorships. At CREAF, only 21% of the principal investigators are women.


Jean Leon and CREAF cooperate on a study of carbon sequestration in vineyards

1 de February 2021CREAF

The test underway will reveal how much atmospheric carbon dioxide soil absorbs with different types of cover crops. CREAF researcher Jordi Sardans is coordinating the study.


We participate in Europabon, the biodiversity observation project at the service of European public policies

28 de December 2020Adriana Clivillé

We are involved in the European project H2020 EuropaBON, which aims to create a standard for controlling biodiversity and ecosystems in Europe, to integrate data and support public policies.

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