Forest ecology


CREAF wants young people to catch the science bug with a new programme of summer grants

1 de March 2021CREAF

This summer and within the Severo Ochoa program, we will offer to 4 undergraduate students the possibility of a two-month stay as an ecology researcher through the 1st CREAF Summer Fellowship Programme. It's aim is to become the first step of undergraduate student’s research career.


Contribution of life in soil remains largely underestimated, according to United Nations

12 de February 2021CREAF

FAO launched its first ever report on "The State of Knowledge of Soil Biodiversity". The report, with the participation of Pilar Andrés as an expert, examines the potential of soil organisms in ensuring sustainable agri-food systems and mitigating climate change.


#ICOMMIT, CREAF people are committed to equality between men and women in the scientific community

9 de February 2021CREAF

Women represent less than 30% of the world's research personnel. In Spain, they occupy only 25% of the female professorships. At CREAF, only 21% of the principal investigators are women.


Fog can give a second chance to desertified land

27 de January 2021Adriana Clivillé

Capturing tiny droplets of water from fog and using them to restore areas affected by extreme drought and desertification is the aim of the European LIFE Nieblas project. The journey begins on the mountain ridges of the Canary Islands, where the trade winds favour the sea of clouds that generates the precious fog and horizontal rainfall characteristic of the Atlantic islands.


It is confirmed with robust data that each species has a unique atomic identity

20 de January 2021CREAF

The combination of chemical elements of each species is called elementome and, like the genome, varies from one species to another according to evolutionary proximity and environmental conditions. Studying the elemental composition of living beings is a tangible, simple and universal method that allows us to relate each species with its position and function in nature.

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