Global change


Heat and regular rains, this is how the year has been with the most mosquitoes in Spain

1 de December 2020Àlex Richter-Boix

In 2020, Mosquito Alert has recorded twice as many tiger mosquitoes as in 2019. It has been the year with the most mosquitoes since 2014, when the citizen science platform began collecting data.


The MEDFATE model helps to understand the functioning and dynamics of water-limited mixed forests

25 de November 2020CREAF

A new study with the MEDFATE forest simulation model makes it possible to interpret the effect of the mixture of plant species and their interactions in terms of water use and drought stress.


Global change requires new fire management to preserve biodiversity

19 de November 2020CREAF

More than 4,400 terrestrial and freshwater species are threatened by changes in the fire regime. While many species are at risk by the increased frequency and intensity of fire, its suppression can be harmful to some life forms and ecosystems.


A study confirms the relationship between high prevalence of cancer and high consumption of meat and alcohol per capita

19 de November 2020Anna Ramon Revilla

A work led by scientists from the CSIC and CREAF has analysed the correlation between diet and cancer in at least 50 countries from 1960 to 2017 and has crossed global databases from institutions such as the FAO, the WHO and the United Nations.


Gabriel Borràs and the question of how we adapt to climate change

12 de November 2020Adriana Clivillé

The incorporation into the UN scientific database of a recent indicator on the capacity to adapt to climate change promoted by the Generalitat de Catalunya raises an automatic question. What does it mean to be able to adapt to the global modification of the climate that we are facing?

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