Adriana Clivillé

Journalist with an interest in communication and digital marketing, the threads of my experience in corporate communication strategies, content creation, social network and campaign management, press office, spokesperson training, crisis communication and reputation and brand. I have been involved in outreach initiatives on the natural environment, renewable energy, technology, territory and its management with environmental criteria for companies, universities, public administration and consulting.

Josep Peñuelas, distinguished as a member of the leading American organization in advanced Earth and space science

The scientific organization American Geophysical Union (AGU) has highlighted the researcher Josep Peñuelas as AGU Fellow, a distinguished member of the year 2020, "for his dedication and exceptional contribution to Earth and space sciences and for having contributed to advancing through research and innovation."


Citizen science, reinforced thanks to Ground Truth 2.0 and its methodology

Creating and validating a methodology to generate citizen science observatories is the common thread of the European project Ground Truth 2.0, which has worked with 4 observatories in Europe (Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands and Sweden) and 2 in Africa (Kenya and Zambia) in actual operating conditions.

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Gabriel Borràs and the question of how we adapt to climate change

The incorporation into the UN scientific database of a recent indicator on the capacity to adapt to climate change promoted by the Generalitat de Catalunya raises an automatic question. What does it mean to be able to adapt to the global modification of the climate that we are facing?


A study shows how difficult it is for temperate forests to recover from severe drought

Climate change is making forests all over the world more vulnerable to drought, causing tree mortality episodes with serious ecological and social consequences. As yet, the traits of the vegetation replacing trees that have died as a result of drought are not known.


The EU highlights 4 projects on environmental observation in which CREAF is involved

In its periodic report of research results Pack Cordis, the European Union highlights 9 projects funded by Horizon 2020 on environmental observation, 4 of wich involve CREAF.

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