Ángela Justamante

Graduada en Biologia (Universitat de València, 2015), màster en Biomedicina (UB, 2016) i Postgrau en Comunicació Científica (Uvic, 2019). Tinc experiència a l'àmbit de la consultoria i l'editorial. La meva passió per la divulgació científica m'ha portat, inevitablement, al CREAF.

Polyfarming inspires Harvard for designing a new city model

The alternative agriculture and livestock model defended by the LIFE Polyfarming project has starred in a recent video made by the Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD).


Discover the biodiversity of the coast with the ‘Return to the Sea’ campaign

The Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM-CSIC), the Cos4Cloud project in which CREAF participates, the marine environmental services company Anèl·lides – Serveis ambientals marins, the environmental association Xatrac and three diving centres, Oceanicos, Escafandra Calafell and Plàncton diving have joined forces to promote the ‘Return to the Sea’ campaign, a citizen science initiative which seeks to collect the maximum number of observations of marine biodiversity on the Catalan coastline in July, August and September.


Healthy soil is essential to achieve food sovereignty

More than 90% of Earth's agricultural land will be degraded by 2050, according to the recent article ‘Let’s #StopSoilErosion to ensure a food secure future' published by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). A degraded soil is infertile and can seriously reduce its agricultural performance. Recovering the fertility of degraded land is therefore essential for a region to move towards greater food sovereignty.


Six essential techniques to discover regenerative agriculture!

The Life-Polyfarming regenerative agriculture project, coordinated by Planeses and CREAF, has recently published six videos in which they explain, in an informative tone, the agricultural and livestock techniques carried out in the pilot farm in La Garrotxa, Catalonia. These techniques aim to recover fertile and profitable soil in a way that respects the environment. 


Cos4Cloud, a European project to revolutionize the technology of citizen science

The European Union promotes Cos4Cloud, an ambitious project that will create cutting-edge technology services to improve citizen science platforms. Among other services it will include: integrating observations from different citizen science platforms into a portal, artificial intelligence tools that help citizens recognize species when they send an observation and standardize data from different platforms

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