Anna Ramon Revilla

Communication manager at CREAF. I have a Biology degree (UAB) and I'm Master in Science Communication (UPF). Passionate about corporate communication with more than 7 years in the environmental R&D sector. Since 2011 I'm managing CREAF communication strategy.

Clearing House project to develop sustainable urban forests

Cities across Europe and China are preparing to green themselves. The Sino-European project Clearing House was officially launched and will be expanding the knowledge of trees and forests in urban areas.


Farmland with small fields and varied crops is beneficial to biodiversity

Research led by two French institutions shows that farmland comprising small fields sown with different types of crops is conducive to plant and animal diversity. Promoting such landscapes would help make up for the loss of natural and semi-natural habitats between crops.


The climate is changing faster than animals can adapt

A study just published in the scientific journal Nature Communications presents worrying results on animals’ adaptation to climate change. It concludes that while species are changing some aspects of their lives in response to global warming, they are not doing so quickly enough and do not always make the right changes.


Drought is the main factor in falls in Mediterranean bird and butterfly populations

This is reflected in data from bird and butterfly monitoring programmes that have been running in Catalonia for 17 and 25 years respectively. Drought affects bird and butterfly populations differently, with butterfly species from arid areas and bird species from humid areas undergoing the greatest declines.


The key to halting climate change is reducing fossil fuel combustion, not planting trees

Against the backdrop of today’s Global Climate Strike, we report on an article according to which planting trees could become an excuse to carry on emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Josep Peñuelas, a CSIC researcher based at CREAF, says our priority should be reducing fossil fuel combustion to zero.

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