Anna Ramon Revilla

Communication manager at CREAF. I have a Biology degree (UAB) and I'm Master in Science Communication (UPF). Passionate about corporate communication with more than 7 years in the environmental R&D sector. Since 2011 I'm managing CREAF communication strategy.

The adaptation measures taken in the world do not reduce the risk that climate change poses to humanity

A recent study shows that the measures taken are fragmented, local and not transformative. CREAF calls for more integrated and coordinated measures capable of reducing the risk that climate change poses to people.


Barcelona has the world’s first tiger mosquito prediction map

The #MosquitoAlertBCN project team has developed the first daily map that predicts the risk of finding a tiger mosquito in Barcelona . It is a digital map, unique in the world, that reports in real time and on a 20-meter scale about the likelihood of a mosquito and a person meeting or interacting that day.


Bee species with larger brains learn better

Having a larger brain has a direct impact on bee learning, a theory already demonstrated in birds and primates, which is highlighted in a study published in the Royal Society Open Science, led by a scientific team from CREAF and the Doñana Biological Station (CSIC).


What is the incidence of super-resistant bacteria in wastewater treatment plants?

An international team of researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and CREAF has suggested measures for reducing the risk of antimicrobial-resistant pathogens and bacteria spreading via wastewater.


CREAF is a partner and promoter of the Eurecat Climate Resilience Centre

The main headquarters of the Climate Resilience Centre will be located at Eurecat Amposta, although it will operate throughout the territory and will have a strong international projection. The initiative has been promoted by Eurecat, Amposta City Council and Rovira i Virgili University, and has the support and collaboration of institutions and entities linked to research, such as CREAF.

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