CREAF is a research center that generates innovative knowledge and solutions in terrestrial ecology to help society mitigate the effects of Global Change, create adaptative plans, and increase the resilience of natural ecosystems.

It is confirmed with robust data that each species has a unique atomic identity

The combination of chemical elements of each species is called elementome and, like the genome, varies from one species to another according to evolutionary proximity and environmental conditions. Studying the elemental composition of living beings is a tangible, simple and universal method that allows us to relate each species with its position and function in nature.


More forests for the Green Deal: passive restoration as a potential management alternative

At CREAF, together with INRAE and the University of Liverpool, we are running a special issue published in the Journal of Applied Ecology on Managing Forest Regeneration and Expansion at a Time of Unprecedented Global Change (Dec 2020), in which the researcher Josep Maria Espelta has taken part as co-editor.  

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The MEDFATE model helps to understand the functioning and dynamics of water-limited mixed forests

A new study with the MEDFATE forest simulation model makes it possible to read into the effect of the mixture of plant species and their interactions in terms of water use and drought stress.


Global change requires new fire management to preserve biodiversity

More than 4,400 terrestrial and freshwater species are threatened by changes in the fire regime. While many species are at risk by the increased frequency and intensity of fire, its suppression can be harmful to some life forms and ecosystems.


Leading scientific associations and innovative companies demand to place R&D at the heart of Spain’s strategy

CREAF signs the document as a member of Severo Ochoa & Maria de Maeztu Alliance (SOMMa).  The signatories demand a national pact that includes long-term strategies aimed at promoting frontier science and business innovation. The document aims to add and provide strategic solutions to the recent Pact for Science and Innovation that the Government has just announced.

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