Jaume Terradas

Emeritus Professor of Ecology at the UAB. CREAF researcher on issues of vegetation ecology. He has also worked in environmental education. Member of the Institute of Catalan Studies.

Thinking on group selection

Darwin introduced the idea that selection might not only affect individuals but also other levels. This was a logical extension of his theory. 


Carlos Herrera, prize Haeckel, Joan Martínez Alier, Leontief Prize

I want to dedicate my March’ article in this blog to two very distinguished scientists in the fields of ecology and ecological economics, an Andalusian and a Catalan. Both are well-known by most CREAF researchers, but the awards are a good excuse to explain their astonishing trajectories.


A dangerous metabolism: future remedies against CO2 increase?

Geoengineering is a hope to slow down and reduce CO2 levels in the atmosphere. Technological innovations must help us to find solutions to this global problem.


Towards a general theory of evolution

Neo-Darwinism seems to be overcome, and there is already a need for a paradigm shift which reformulates and completes the Theory of Evolution.


Verum ipsum factum

We need to understand how things work, to know how to assemble and how to disassemble them. But we have reached a point of so much specialization and mechanization that too much often we can not understand how everything works, and even more, if we will be able to fix what we have broken.

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