Verónica Couto Antelo

SciComm at CREAF since 2016. Nature and outreach lover. Biologist (University of Barcelona) and Science Communication master (Barcelona School of Management - UPF).

CREAF takes part in a meeting with the Catalan Minister of Business and Knowledge

On 16 November, the heads of Catalonia's research centers met with Ramon Tremosa to discuss a public-private investment fund that promotes the transfer of research knowledge in the country. From CREAF, has participated the director Joan Pino Vilalta.


The center’s new talent is associated under the name CREAFuture

In March, CREAFuture was born, a self-organizing association of CREAF staff that begins its career. The aim of the group is to make a community and share the experiences and problems that scientists may encounter in their careers.


Barcelona has been appointed by the European Forest Institute to organise its annual forest and city conference in 2022

The European Forest Institute (EFI) has appointed Barcelona to organise its annual forest and city conference in 2022, an international recognition. This Catalan candidature is led by the AMB, CREAF, the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) and the Centre of Forest Science and Technology of Catalonia (CTFC).


Climate change and population growth: key factors in the decline of Easter Island’s civilization

The collapse of civilizations has always attracted our attention: entire books, films and thousands of legends have been dedicated to it. What makes some human populations disappear and others not? Is it related to climate crises and pandemics like the current ones?


CREAF participates in the Geoscience Online meeting EGU2020

Due to the current circumstances, the General Assembly on Geoscience that was going to take place all this week in Vienna has become virtual. You can follow it with the hashtag #shareEGU20 and some CREAF researchers are participating.

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