Verónica Couto Antelo

Tècnica de Comunicació del CREAF des del 2016. Apassionada del món natural i la seva divulgació. Biòloga (UB), màster en comunicació científica (BSM-UPF) i estudiant Humanitats (UOC).

Were the Vikings the first to settle in the Azores?

A recent study led by CIBIO, the University of the Azores, CSIC and CREAF shows that the navigations of the Vikings could have taken them to the Azores about 700 years before the arrival of the Portuguese. The results, published in the journal PNAS, have been obtained through sediment samples from different lakes and environmental reconstructions.


La Ricarda, the last piece of the Llobregat delta?

If the Llobregat delta were a plane, the protected area of la Ricarda would be a very important part (who knows if the last one) that supports the complex operation of the delta. An impossible space to remove without shaking the rest of the ecosystem and the environmental services it provides to the entire population. Want to know why?


Mature forests, small vaccines against global change

On the occasion of the International Day of Forests we present an in-depth report on mature forests. What are they and why can they function as vaccines against climate and global change? Do they require management? Which one?


Part of Earth is always frozen and acts as a giant refrigerator for carbon

The price of homes is falling sharply in some northern regions of the planet. Why? Because the seemingly permanently frozen ground they were built on is now thawing. This has much more far-reaching implications for the climate, and could even spell defeat in the battle against global warming.


CREAF takes part in a meeting with the Catalan Minister of Business and Knowledge

On 16 November, the heads of Catalonia's research centers met with Ramon Tremosa to discuss a public-private investment fund that promotes the transfer of research knowledge in the country. From CREAF, has participated the director Joan Pino Vilalta.

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