WaterInnEU launches a new ‘Marketplace’

28 de March 2017

With this video, European project WaterInnEU shows the new market platform. It’s designed as a tool that screens the most relevant products and services for River Basin Managers .

This video shows the main functionalities of the WaterInnEU Marketplace, a matchmaking platform developed in a H2020 European project aimed at applying European market leadership to river basin networks and spreading of innovation on water ICT models, tools and data.

The WaterInnEU Marketplace is a market led innovation platform that screens the most relevant products and services for River Basin Managers and accelerates their uptake through targeted dissemination and support services. Furthermore people can find matchmaking services between users and the supply chain or e-learning courses to help you implement specific products. Joining the WaterInnEU platform is easy and will allow you to actively participate in the community, for instance by contributing adding content, benefiting from our matchmaking services, subscribing to alerts, using the forum or taking courses.

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