100 birds in your city and you don’t see them

1 de July 2015CREAF

Parrots at public parks and gulls flying landfills. Those are examples of some birds that have found the ideal place to live in our cities. We are increasingly demanding to create urban infrastructures and offer better services to citizens, but we are indirectly creating a new ecosystem for urban birds.

The four case studies of BeWater in the digital magazine Revolve Water

30 de January 2015CREAF

The digital magazine Revolve Water makes a description of the physical, environmental and socio-economic characteristics of the four river basins an gives an overview of the work done so far in the BeWater project on developing an adaptation plan for the four basins. Discover here the work in la Tordera, Catalunya, the Vipava, Slovenia, the Rmel, in Tunisia and the Pedieos in Cyprus.

Revolve Magazine devotes an article to the European project BeWater

30 de January 2015CREAF

This magazine about sustainable issues explain the project coordinated by CREAF in a general report. Four other articles will explain the four case studies in Slovenia, Spain, Tunisia and Cyprus.

An experience: the battle against the tiger mosquito

21 de October 2014CREAF

Aitana Oltra explain at Barcelona Metròpolis the project a project of the ICREA-Movement Ecology Laboratory  CEAB-CSIC/ CREAF.

The economic benefits of sustainable forestry in the Mediterranean region

22 de July 2014CREAF

Mediterranean forests provide local communities with a diverse range of products such as wood, fodder for livestock and plants and game, all of which contribute to food security and help to alleviate poverty in rural regions. However, these forests will be one of the most affected ecosystems in the near future as temperatures increase and rains decrease. In order to avoid the Mediterranean region turning into a desert, expert forest management is required.

Joan Pino speaks about invasive species @ La Xarxa TV

1 de July 2014CREAF

The following video is in Catalan language

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