100 birds in your city and you don’t see them

1 de July 2015

Parrots at public parks and gulls flying landfills. Those are examples of some birds that have found the ideal place to live in our cities. We are increasingly demanding to create urban infrastructures and offer better services to citizens, but we are indirectly creating a new ecosystem for urban birds.



An article from Materia, which was on the digital Science section cover of the newspaper El Pais, published in June, included the most relevant studies on the adaptation of birds in cities. A work of Dani Sol of CREAF, researcher and expert in behavior and urban birds, says that much of their success is due to the city stress tolerance.

Do you recognize the birds in your city? Check it by solving the interactive test, prepared by Materia in the article. Good luck!


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El CREAF és un centre de recerca que genera coneixements i solucions innovadores en ecologia terrestre per ajudar a la societat a mitigar els efectes del Canvi Global, a crear plans d'adaptació i a augmentar la capacitat de resiliència dels ecosistemes naturals.
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