MENFRI project and EXPO Milan 2015

15 de July 2015

MENFRI project  has been featured in an interactive presentation –“How EU Research & Innovation works for a better world supporting communication activities”, prepared for EXPO 2015, showing successful EU-funded research projects.

How EU Research & Innovation works for a better world

How EU Research & Innovation works for a better world

The infographic shows how projects and innovation can improve nutrition problems and water supply. Climate change affects the agrary sectors and Africa’s population is suffering a seriours malnutrition situation. New knowledge could help the agricultural sector to increase production and food security and give them a voice in the dialogue about agriculture, research and development.

MENFRI is a research and innovation project funded by EU. Its main objective is to aim international cooperation between North and South Mediterranean areas about forest management.

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El CREAF és un centre de recerca que genera coneixements i solucions innovadores en ecologia terrestre per ajudar a la societat a mitigar els efectes del Canvi Global, a crear plans d'adaptació i a augmentar la capacitat de resiliència dels ecosistemes naturals.
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