CREAF Annual Report 2018 is already available

15 de July 2019

We invite you to read the CREAF Annual Report 2018, so you can keep informed about all our progress. During that year, we published 239 articles indexed on SCI. 80% of this articles were in scientific magazines located in the first quartile. 

Portada de la mèmoria d'activitats CREAF 2018

Cover of CREAF Annual Report 2018

Finally we can share with you the last CREAF Annual Report, which gather up the most important milestones, news, events, activities and publications of the center during 2018. You will also find information about CREAF’s research projects, staff and financial questions. Some of the highlights are:

  • We have published 239 scientific papers in the SCI, 8 papers more than in 2017. 80,3% of this papers were in scientific magazines located in the first quartile. 10 papers were published in journals with more than 6 impact factor, and 4 of them were in Nature.
  • The CREAF staff decreased lightly to 215 workers. 126 of them were research staff.
  • We had 76 active projects during 2018. 18 of them were European projects.

You can download the CREAF Annual Report 2018 in PDF version in this link. You can also read this publication from ISSUU in this link.

El CREAF és un centre de recerca que genera coneixements i solucions innovadores en ecologia terrestre per ajudar a la societat a mitigar els efectes del Canvi Global, a crear plans d'adaptació i a augmentar la capacitat de resiliència dels ecosistemes naturals.
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