CREAF takes part in a meeting with the Catalan Minister of Business and Knowledge

23 de November 2020

On 16 November, the heads of Catalonia’s research centers met with Ramon Tremosa to discuss a public-private investment fund that promotes the transfer of research knowledge in the country. From CREAF, has participated the director Joan Pino Vilalta.

Joan Pino's intervention in the meeting. Credit: ALBA synchroton.

Joan Pino’s intervention in the meeting. Credit: ALBA synchroton.

During the session, which took place at the ALBA synchrotron, the role of Catalonia in innovation was highlighted and the Minister for Business and Knowledge emphasized that “the country, which is already excellent in research, must be also as a leader in the field of innovation and transfer “. He was accompanied by the Secretary of Universities and Research, Francesc Xavier Grau, the general secretary of Business and Knowledge, Jordi Cabrafiga, and the managing director of Research, Joan Gómez Pallarès.

With the help of ALBA’s director, Caterina Biscari, attendees were able to learn about the synchrotron facilities and share the service it offers to the scientific community. At the same time, Tremosa presented the Catalonia Government’s proposal to invest 10 million euros between 2021 and 2022, expandable up to 30 million if a contribution from European Next Generation funds is received, to contribute to this public-private task.

The meeting. Credit: ALBA synchrotron.

The meeting. Credit: ALBA synchrotron.

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