CREAF engaged with an european working group to boost Ethics and Integrity in Research

10 de May 2019

Olga Roig participated in the last ENRIO meeting, a European group to discuss the practical side of Research Ethics and Integrity.

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Last November 2018, Olga Roig on behalf of CREAF took part in the first meeting of ERION, the Ethics and Research Integrity Officer Network within EARMA (European Association of Research Managers and Administrators) held in Brussels.

ERION is an open community to discuss the practical and implementation side of Research Ethics and Integrity. By working actively within this community it’s expected for CREAF to access solutions to ensure compliance, efficiency, functionality, fairness, and robustness in the practices and processes of the center. Of course, more general ethical issues may naturally arise as part of the work within the community, but the main focus of the community is not the development of theory or policy itself, but rather putting theory and policy into practice. In other words, this is a community of practitioners, rules and procedure experts, and its main purpose is to provide a forum for knowledge-sharing and collaboration in order to facilitate the implementation of relevant policy, etc. and establishment of best practices. The community will also take advantage of its role as an important stakeholder in this field, for instance by providing input to the EC Ethics and Research Integrity Sector of DG RTD (ERIS) regarding rules, procedures, and practice, and participating in research projects and other initiatives of relevance to the community’s interests.


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Anna Ramon Revilla
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