CREAF enters the core group of the European Mountain Research Advocacy Network

11 de June 2015

Bernat Claramunt, CREAF researcher, has entered the core group of 6-8 people of the European Mountain Research Advocacy Network (MRI- Europe).  He and other researchers will coordinate the future advocacy efforts of MRI- Europe.

Bernat Claramunt

Bernat Claramunt

The objective of these efforts is formulate a common statement from the European mountain research community about what mountain research can contribute to the societal challenges defined in Horizon 2020. This might include highlighting key research topics. It is possible that this common statement will be presented to the Horizon 2020 Programme Committee in form of a white paper on “The Role of European Mountain Research for Horizon 2020”.

“MRI-Europe is a non-profit organization based in Switzerland that promotes and coordinates global change research in mountain regions all over the world. It consists of more than 2000 scientists representing regional networks and partner organizations across Europe”.

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El CREAF és un centre de recerca que genera coneixements i solucions innovadores en ecologia terrestre per ajudar a la societat a mitigar els efectes del Canvi Global, a crear plans d'adaptació i a augmentar la capacitat de resiliència dels ecosistemes naturals.
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