The Master in Remote Sensing and GIS starts its first edition as an official master

21 de October 2014

El Màster Universitari en Teledetecció i SIG starts this year with more than 80% of the available seats

Máster Universitario en Teledetección y SIG

Máster Universitario en Teledetección y SIG

The Master in Remote Sensing and GIS offers 20 seats per course to new students, plus 7 extra seats to those students from previous editions when the Master was an own title, who want to have their title validated.

The course began the last September 25 with 17 new students. Geography and Environmental Sciences are the studies that provide more students, with 8 and 4 respectively. The rest of the students come from degrees like Geology (2), Topography (2) or Systems engineering. This year 4 students had asked for the validation of the previous title.

More information about the training programs of CREAF. 

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Anna Ramon Revilla
Communication manager at CREAF. I have a Biology degree (UAB) and I'm Master in Science Communication (UPF). Passionate about corporate communication with more than 7 years in the environmental R&D sector. Since 2011 I'm managing CREAF communication strategy.
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