WaterInnEU organizes an event on the application of standards in the water sector

22 de December 2015

On the 10th February 2016 the European project coordinated by CREAF WaterInnEU organize an event in the framework of the 3ª EIP on Water Conference. The event will be held in Leeuwarden (Netherlands) by Lluís Pesquer, technical of the project.

WaterInnEU project

WaterInnEU project

For the third consecutive year will be the EIP Water Conference, this year titled “How water innovation is succeeding in Europe”. One of the side meetings prior to the conference, on 9th February, will be in charge of technical Lluís Pesquer, representing WaterInnEU project. In the meeting entitled “Interoperability Standards Pilot River Basin” Pesquer will discuss how to improve the management of watersheds in terms of applying European geospatial standards OGC in the water community. The examples which will be exhibited are examples from WaterInnEU project, where they performed interoperability testing. 

The conference is an opportunity for strengthening pan-European and global networking for boosting innovation in the water sector, contributing to remove innovation barriers and creating opportunities.

In order to form the renewed Steering Group for the next three years, EIP Water is making a public call for Expressions of Interest, in order to involve additional members to those that remain involved since the first phase.

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Marina Torres Gibert
Tècnic en comunicació al CREAF. Sóc Biòloga Ambiental (UAB) i Màster en Comunicació Científica, Mèdica i Ambiental (UPF).
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