Xavier Pons new director of the magazine GeoFocus

1 de July 2014

Head of GRUMETS (CREAF-UAB) research group take up the challenge of directing the scientific publication GeoFocus, the most important in the world in spanish language dedicated to geographic information science and its various applications.

Xavier Pons

Xavier Pons

The assembly of the Group of Geographic Information Technologies of the Association of Spanish Geographers confirmed on Thursday June 26th at the XVI National Congress of Geographic Information Technologies in Alicante the transfer of the editing of the journal GeoFocus to the Grumets for the next 3 years. The journal was currently edited by the Department of Geography of the Autonomous University of Madrid.

GeoFocus journal (ISSN:1578-5157) is a scientific and technical journal with an international vocation specializing in geographic information science and its various applications. Continuously published in electronic form since 2001 and is open to contributions from the international scientific community, being a reference publication in the field of development and application of this technology. It publishes an annual number and its fundamental languages ​​are Spanish, Portuguese and English.

The journal is indexed and summarized in a large number of databases, directories, portals and scientific national and international repositories. Through the portal GeoFocus (http://www.geo-focus.org/) the full text of the journal can be accessed in open mode in pdf format. GeoFocus is sponsored by the Group of Geographic Information Technologies of the Association of Spanish Geographers and receives institutional and technical support from RedIris (Spanish Network of R & D supported by the Government of Spain) .

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