Call for a new CREAF Director

26 de June 2018

Javier Retana, director of the CREAF since 2005, plans to step down from this position early in 2018.


The Board of Trustees has started the process to select and appoint a new director for the CREAF. CERCA, the network of public research centres in Catalonia, to which CREAF belongs, is delegated to manage the entire selection process.

The Director will be expected to provide inspirational scientific leadership, promoting and facilitating leading‐edge research and be responsible for its ongoing strategic development. She or he will promote the role of CREAF as advisor in decision making processes and will ensure that discoveries made at CREAF are translated into benefits for society. She or he will be an exceptionally accomplished and ambitious scientist with an outstanding international research management profile.

For more information, please see: Call for Applications: Director of the CREAF

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El CREAF és un centre de recerca que genera coneixements i solucions innovadores en ecologia terrestre per ajudar a la societat a mitigar els efectes del Canvi Global, a crear plans d'adaptació i a augmentar la capacitat de resiliència dels ecosistemes naturals.
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