“There are unknown species living right next door”

14 de November 2016Albert Naya i Díaz

Raúl Bonal (Madrid, 1974) is a researcher at the University of Extremadura and is associated researcher at CREAF since 2009. In the Western world, what Raúl has achieved has become quite rare: describe a new species. The species discovered by Raúl is known as the “holm oak spider” and was given the Latin name Cheiracanthium ilicis. More such discoveries may be in store in the not-too-distant future.


“Observing the Earth is like taking a patient’s pulse”

24 de October 2016Albert Naya i Díaz

Ivette Serral has a degree in Environmental Sciences from the UAB and has been working as a technician in remote sensing and GIS at CREAF since 2002. She is currently a member of the GRUMETS research group and participates in the ConnectinGEO and Ecopotential projects. The diversity of her day to day work is stimulating, though it also makes it hard to put her mind to analysis of data and results.


Entrevista a Alejandra Morán Ordóñez, integrant del projecte INFORMED

3 de December 2015Laia Núñez Casillas

És ecòloga del paisatge i s’ha incorporat a l’equip d’investigadors d'InForest, la joint research unit del Centre Tecnològic Forestal  de Catalunya (CTFC) amb el  CREAF en el marc del projecte INFORMED. Ha fet un llarg recorregut per arribar-hi, des de les muntanyes cantàbriques, passant pel continent australià, fins a la conca mediterrània. Ara, contribuirà a estudiar els efectes del canvi global sobre la biodiversitat i els serveis ecosistèmics, lligats als boscos mediterranis.

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