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Citizens move to adapt the Tordera and Serpis river basins to the impacts of global change

22 de March 2019CREAF

A new project to adapt the River Tordera (Catalonia) and the River Serpis (Valencia) to the effects of climate change has begun. This will involve the participation of citizens and stakeholders in these basins. This will be done by giving a boost to two existing governance spaces: the Taula de la Tordera and the Serpis Platform.


The BeWater publishes a guide about participatory management of river basins

28 de June 2017Verónica Couto Antelo

The manual, in which the CREAF researchers Anabel Sánchez and Annelies Broekman have participated, summarizes the stages of the BeWater project and the lessons learned in the creation of adaptation plans between scientists and local society.


BeWater Project Local Policy Forum in the Tordera River Basin

6 de March 2017CREAF

On Tuesday 24 January, the final local event of the BeWater project, a European project coordinated by CREAF was celebrated in Sant Celoni (Vallès Oriental).


CREAF establishes connections in Africa in the field of water management

6 de February 2017Verónica Couto Antelo

Last November, two members of CREAF’s staff attended a workshop organized by the European Commission which was also attended by the Network of Centres of Excellence in Water Sciences (NEPAD). At this meeting held in Accra, the BEWATER project was presented as a successful case. 


Citizens and scientists propose actions to face global change in Tordera

19 de June 2015Anna Ramon Revilla

A diverse group of stakeholders took part in a dynamic workshop to evaluate the best options to manage water in the Tordera River Basin in a more sustainable and adaptive way. The 17 participants included researchers, managers, farmers and other citizens who live and work in the Basin. The meeting took place in Santa Maria de Palautordera on 17 June 2015. Key options identified included adaptive forest management, the implementation of environmental flows and better citizen participation spaces. 


The four case studies of BeWater in the digital magazine Revolve Water

30 de January 2015CREAF

The digital magazine Revolve Water makes a description of the physical, environmental and socio-economic characteristics of the four river basins an gives an overview of the work done so far in the BeWater project on developing an adaptation plan for the four basins. Discover here the work in la Tordera, Catalunya, the Vipava, Slovenia, the Rmel, in Tunisia and the Pedieos in Cyprus.


Revolve Magazine devotes an article to the European project BeWater

30 de January 2015CREAF

This magazine about sustainable issues explain the project coordinated by CREAF in a general report. Four other articles will explain the four case studies in Slovenia, Spain, Tunisia and Cyprus.

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