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Bernat Claramunt will take part in a Pyrenean expedition to show the effects of climate change in the mountains

2 de July 2021Florencia Florido

There will be 15 stages in 15 days. This challenge will be faced by 15 brave people on foot to complete a scientific and cultural journey through the Catalan Pyrenees organised by the Societat Nova Geogràfica with the collaboration of CREAF.


“Participating in ESCACC30 is a humbling experience: the research perspective combines with all the others to pave the way for something strategic”

16 de June 2021Anna Ramon Revilla

CREAF’s ideas about Catalonia’s adaptation to climate change have reached ESCACC30, the territory’s Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change 2021-2030, which the Catalan Office for Climate Change has been developing for some months now. As is reflected here, CREAF has been highly active in the corresponding participatory process.


CREAF participates in a new COST ACTION to increase understanding of alien species through citizen science

10 de May 2019Anna Ramon Revilla

Bernat Claramunt participates in the COST Action AlienCSI to address multidisciplinary research questions to develop and implement citizen science strategies to increase the scientific understanding of IAS ecology and dynamics, specifically informing decision-makers to implement technical requirements of relevant legislation. 


CREAF presents the Network for European Mountain Research (NEMOR)

30 de May 2018Anna Ramon Revilla

Coordinated by CREAF and comprising more than 50 European organizations, NEMOR has produced a document seeking the European Commission's recognition of mountains as a unique setting for activities such as testing related to the effects of climate change, reversing depopulation and promoting new circular economy projects.


Citizen science emerges as a significant ally to biodiversity

16 de January 2017Albert Naya i Díaz

A new study with the participation of Bernat Claramunt, UAB and CREAF researcher, underscores the great potential of citizen science for conservation.


Despite low genetic diversity, the reintroduction of marmots in the Pyrenees is a total success

11 de July 2016Albert Naya i Díaz

A study in which CREAF participates has revealed that marmots reintroduced in the Pyrenees have very low genetic variability because they come from only two alpine areas and have not mixed. Surprisingly, this low genetic diversity has not proved to be an impediment in reintroduction, which has turned out to be a total success.


Meet Natusfera: a new virtual platform which will connect nature lovers from all over Europe

22 de June 2016Anna Ramon Revilla

Created by CREAF and GBIF.ES, Natusfera consists of a web portal and application for mobile devices which will host information about living beings observed in nature including photo sharing and location. The European Citizen Science Association considers Natusfera to be a benchmark model for initiatives of this type, and has proposed that it be translated into as many languages as possible.  


Putting mountains on the Horizon 2020 agenda

19 de June 2015CREAF

Bernat Claramunt, member of the core group of the European Mountain Research Advocacy Network (MRI- Europe), is looking for researchers working on global change issues in European mountains. They want to get your feedback to lobby for a stronger representation of mountain research in future Horizon 2020 calls.


CREAF enters the core group of the European Mountain Research Advocacy Network

11 de June 2015CREAF

Bernat Claramunt, CREAF researcher, has entered the core group of 6-8 people of the European Mountain Research Advocacy Network (MRI- Europe).  He and other researchers will coordinate the future advocacy efforts of MRI- Europe.


And the winner is…. discover the best photo of ClickFaunaiFlora photographic contest

1 de October 2014Anna Ramon Revilla

The jury of ClickFaunaiFlora photographic contest decided to award the first prize to photo "Salto de la cabra". Others photos with a frog drinking Martini and a very beautiful sunflower  have recived the second and thrid price. 


Follow the “Wildlife in the changing French Pyrenees” Facebook account!

23 de July 2014CREAF

The July campaign in the Pyrenees, rated by National Geographic as one of the 50 tours of a lifetime  is on Facebook! Follow our Facebook account to discover new adventures starting in September.

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