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“With the urban population set to grow by 56% by 2050, we need to make cities greener to protect biodiversity”

4 de May 2018Verónica Couto Antelo

We interviewed Yolanda Melero, holder of a PhD in biology, whose studies have revolved around the behaviour and dynamics of American mink populations. At CREAF she is continuing to investigate how animal populations function, but is now focusing on butterflies to learn about biodiversity-friendly city design.


70% of Mediterranean butterfly species are in decline

26 de September 2016Verónica Couto Antelo

CREAF researchers signal climate change and changes in land use as the principal causes. The most impacted are specialized species living in very specific habitats and those producing a number of generations in a single year. 


Flowers and butterflies lose their synchronicity due to climate change

18 de July 2016Verónica Couto Antelo

A study finds that high temperatures and low rainfall cause a timing mismatch between the flowering period of plants and the time of flight of butterflies. The moments of maximum florescence and butterfly abundance are separated by a mean time of 70 days, increasing in years with marked drought. 


Birds and butterflies are key indicators for the measurement of biodiversity loss

11 de November 2015Anna Ramon Revilla

According to a study in which CREAF participated, the populations of birds or butterflies living in open habitats have been negatively affected by the loss of field and scrubland habitat. Conversely, species which live in forests have been favored. These variations were related with changes in the Catalonian (and Mediterranean) landscape over the last few decades. 


Butterflies face greater risk of extinction at higher latitudes

5 de September 2014Anna Ramon Revilla

20 years of data accumulated by the Butterfly Monitoring Schemes of the United Kingdom and Catalonia have served to demonstrate that butterflies which live at higher latitudes suffer more ups and downs in population size.

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