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“There are comparative grievances on the cost of living and University fees during the PhD” explains Sara Reverté

17 de October 2019Verónica Couto Antelo

The CREAF ecologist has participated in a series of interviews by the English journal Functional Ecology to researchers from all over the world to learn about their experiences during the PhD and to understand how it works in each country.


About flowers, insects and networks

7 de February 2018Francisco Lloret

Nature establishes relationships between species and organisms, forming a very complex network where often great-interconnected nodes appear. They are called 'hubs'. But humans also create this kind of networks, such as airports as nodes and flights as connections.


The man’s place in ecosystems

1 de October 2015CREAF

Ecologists have talked and written a lot about how human activities change ecosystems or living conditions, at the local or global scales. We also claim about the need to abolish the persistent gap between human society and Nature in thinking, because humans are a part of Nature. Yet, curiously, we have not much worked in clarifying what is our role or place in ecosystems.


With a few biological traits we can predict if two species interact

10 de July 2013Anna Ramon Revilla

This study, in which the CREAF participated, determined that relationships between species follow a few common patterns, and, therefore, with little data a lot of detail can be understood regarding the ecological networks of ecosystems and predict a species’ evolution in the face of perturbations.

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