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Drought is already one of the 4 most critical natural hazards in Southwest Europe

1 de October 2021Adriana Clivillé

Drought and its consequences is one of the 4 most critical natural hazards in the mountain areas of Southwest Europe, together with floods, fires and soil degradation. This is one of the starting points of the third transnational seminar on strategies for the management and prevention of drought impacts on mountain forests in Southwest Europe, integrated in the SUDOE MONTCLIMA project.


“Participating in ESCACC30 is a humbling experience: the research perspective combines with all the others to pave the way for something strategic”

16 de June 2021Anna Ramon Revilla

CREAF’s ideas about Catalonia’s adaptation to climate change have reached ESCACC30, the territory’s Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change 2021-2030, which the Catalan Office for Climate Change has been developing for some months now. As is reflected here, CREAF has been highly active in the corresponding participatory process.


CREAF’s Gender Equality Committee is up and running

11 de February 2020CREAF

CREAF has begun 2020 with a new institutional body, the Gender Equality Committee (CIOG), which is responsible for ensuring equal opportunities in the Centre.


Diana Pascual and Eduard Pla co-published a book about adapting the Mediterranean basin to climate change

13 de June 2017Verónica Couto Antelo

The book, available in English, focuses on the nature reserve shared between southern Spain and northern Morocco. In particular, it values the impacts of climate change on the availability of water from an ecological, socio-economic and political point of view.

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