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CREAF will help European forestry adapt to climate change

8 de June 2017Albert Naya i Díaz

Enrique Doblas is part of a European interest group on climate change adaptation in the forestry sector. CREAF’s knowledge and innovations will be taken into account when planning solutions to fight climate change.


The MENFRI project thrust forward a new approach in innovative research and sustainable development

31 de January 2017Albert Naya i Díaz

The European project MENFRI was coordinated by CREAF and came to an end in 2016. Its novel approach, centering on cooperation and knowledge transfer, has opened the door to new opportunities, The NODE being one of them.


The migratory painted lady butterfly can cross the Sahara

6 de October 2016Verónica Couto Antelo

A study with the participation of Constantí Stefanescu, researcher at CREAF and the Granollers Natural Science Museum, has revealed that the migratory painted lady butterfly makes a trip which is even more difficult than previously thought. While it was already known that the butterfly travels from Europe to Morocco, chemical analyses have shown that it can even go as far as the Sahel, in the process crossing the enormous Sahara Desert. 


The response of leaf unfolding phenology to climate warming has significantly reduced in Central Europe

23 de September 2015CREAF

Leaf unfolding occurred on average about 4 days earlier every one degree increase in spring temperature between 1980 and 1994, whereas this value dropped to -2.3 days C-1 between 1999 and 2013, a decrease of over 40%. According to this study recently published in the jorunal Nature with the participaction of Josep Peñuelas, researcher from CSIC at CREAF, warmer winters and photoperiod are forcing plants to control their phenology calendars.

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