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Science Diplomacy: speak ‘science’ and enter

11 de November 2021Florencia Florido

Science Diplomacy is a new discipline that combines science, technology and international relations to meet global agendas, increase prosperity and promote understanding between countries, regions and societies.


CREAF steps up its presence in the European forestry arena

4 de November 2019Verónica Couto Antelo

CREAF is a firm believer in scientific cooperation and, accordingly, the international dimension of its activity is constantly growing. This year has taken Olga Roig and Josep Maria Espelta to the UK and Lebanon to attend meetings on the forestry sector and environmental policies.


CREAF engaged with an european working group to boost Ethics and Integrity in Research

10 de May 2019Anna Ramon Revilla

Olga Roig participated in the last ENRIO meeting, a European group to discuss the practical side of Research Ethics and Integrity.


CREAF participates in a new COST ACTION to increase understanding of alien species through citizen science

10 de May 2019Anna Ramon Revilla

Bernat Claramunt participates in the COST Action AlienCSI to address multidisciplinary research questions to develop and implement citizen science strategies to increase the scientific understanding of IAS ecology and dynamics, specifically informing decision-makers to implement technical requirements of relevant legislation. 


Olga Roig receives the European Certificate in Research Management

12 de April 2019Anna Ramon Revilla

As a student from EARMA’s third European Certificate in Research Management (CRM) cohort, Olga Roig was duly awarded their completion certificate at the EARMA's Conference Awards Ceremony this April. She began their CRM studies in January 2017 and finished in the summer of 2018.


CREAF has improved its scientific ranking with respect to other Spanish institutions, as measured by SCImago Institutions Rankings (SIR)

24 de May 2016Anna Ramon Revilla

CREAF is among the 500 best international institutions of the world in six diferent indicators according to this ranking. Of the 244 ranked Spanish entities, four indicators place CREAF within the first 30 ranked positions


CREAF has entered the National Support Group of the Forest Technological Platform

20 de July 2015CREAF

CREAF has officially entered at the National Support Group (NSG) of the Forest Technological Platform representing the Spanish forest technological sector.


CREAF receives the ‘HR Excellence in Research’ award from the European Commission

10 de July 2015Anna Ramon Revilla

CREAF has elaborated a Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R), incorporating the principles of the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers promoted by the European Commission (EC). 


CREAF enters the core group of the European Mountain Research Advocacy Network

11 de June 2015CREAF

Bernat Claramunt, CREAF researcher, has entered the core group of 6-8 people of the European Mountain Research Advocacy Network (MRI- Europe).  He and other researchers will coordinate the future advocacy efforts of MRI- Europe.


The WaterInnEU project opens in Barcelona

26 de March 2015CREAF

The European project WaterInnEU began at the end of March with a kick-off meeting at the Casa Convalescència (Barcelona) with the presence of the eight project members and representatives of the European Commission.


CREAF starts a project for the transfer of results of European R&D on water to the marketplace and to society

26 de March 2015Anna Ramon Revilla

CREAF coordinates the European project WaterInnEU, whose objective is to create a marketplace connecting results of European R&D on water with potential users. Through WaterInnEU, it is hoped that tools, protocols, and data produced by European research can be standardised, provided via open access, and that they are transferred to actors in the water management sector with decision-making power, or that they penetrate into the market in the form of products and services. 


The next OGC Technical Committee will be organized by CREAF

15 de January 2015Anna Ramon Revilla

he next Technical Commitee of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), scheduled for March, will take place in Barcelona and will be organized by Grumets.


MENFRI brings together experts to cooperate towards a profitable and sustainable use of forests in the Mediterranean

6 de June 2014Anna Ramon Revilla

On May 26th 2014, experts from different countries and background (industry, policymaking, science, NGOs, etc) gathered in Morocco in the framework of the project “Mediterranean Network of Forestry Research and Innovation” (MENFRI) to assess the forestry sector organization and development opportunities in Mediterranean countries.


Dr. Pilar Andrés wins a Marie Curie IOF grant to study soil ecology

28 de June 2013Anna Ramon Revilla

The researcher Pilar Andrés will depart for two years to the USA, to Colorado to study the soil ecology of the Great Plains. Specifically, the project that she presented aims to improve the models that explain the decomposition of organic matter in the soil and contribute to the improvement of models of the carbon and nitrogen cycles.


The CREAF begins a European international cooperation project to improve forest management and combat global change in the Mediterranean

20 de June 2013Anna Ramon Revilla

Enrique Doblas and Jordi Vayreda, researchers at the CREAF, will begin the MENFRI project (Mediterranean Network of Forestry Research and Innovation) in December, a European forest management project funded by the call FP7 – INCO.

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