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First detection of Aedes japonicus in Spain thanks to citizen scientists

7 de August 2018Albert Naya i Díaz

Aedes japonicus is an invasive insect capable of transmitting diseases such as West Nile virus. The mosquito was found in Asturias (North Spain) when a person sent a photo of the insect with the Mosquito Alert app in june.


Dani Sol edits a new book about animal behaviour and biological invasions

28 de October 2016Albert Naya i Díaz

This book, titled "Biological Invasions and Animal Behaviour", is the first ever published monograph about the role of behaviour in biological invasions.


Project shows 10% of exotic species in Catalonia are invasive

7 de September 2016Verónica Couto Antelo

The data base of the research project EXOCAT, commissioned by the Catalonian government and coordinated by CREAF, has more than 1,100 exotic species registered in Catalonia, 111 of which are considered as invasive. This data base is a benchmark tool for improving policy on biological invasions and their control.


Singing in higher pitches is no guarantee of success for city birds

20 de November 2015Laia Núñez Casillas

An international study with participation of CREAF has concluded that singing in higher pitches is no guarantee of success for city birds. This was after observing city-dwelling birds in around 20 cities worldwide, Barcelona being one of them. The researchers compared around 400 species and analyzed whether these were more abundant in their natural habitat or in urban areas. What is certain is that species which sing at higher pitches are heard better against the low tones of the city, but there are other abilities which are more important when adapting to urban life, such as finding food and avoiding urban dangers.


Daring to live on the edge

21 de July 2014CREAF

Around the world, invasive animal species are pushing out the natives, sometimes forever altering ecosystems. House sparrows are a prime example, having spread from Europe to most inhabited parts of the world.  Daniel Sol has collaborated in an dissemination article  for the Science journal that have gleaned key traits underlying its incredible success.

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