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Chemical compounds from Barcelona traffic found in Montseny Natural Park

11 de June 2021Anna Ramon Revilla

Some chemical pollutants from road traffic and transported by sea breezes can alter climatic and ecological aspects, even in protected areas, according to a study by authors from CREAF and IDAEA-CSIC, among others.


Àngela Ribas and the mystique of knowledge

4 de May 2021Adriana Clivillé

When Àngela Ribas was asked as a child what she would do when she grew up, the answer was that she wanted to go to university. An attraction that she describes as almost mystical, which connects with the attraction for knowledge and discovery, that still maintains intact nowadays.


The climate is changing faster than animals can adapt

24 de July 2019Anna Ramon Revilla

A study just published in the scientific journal Nature Communications presents worrying results on animals’ adaptation to climate change. It concludes that while species are changing some aspects of their lives in response to global warming, they are not doing so quickly enough and do not always make the right changes.


What will the future smell like?

22 de July 2014Anna Ramon Revilla

Researchers from CREAF, CSIC, and the Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences of Estonia have found that flowers are becoming more fragrant as the global mean temperature rises. In addition, intense heat provokes changes in the composition of floral aromas, transforming the odors of natural areas. This could lead to pollinizers mistaking the identity of flowers, especially specialist species whose flower visits are guided by their own innate olfactory preferences.

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