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CREAF joins the Global Coalition United for Biodiversity for a worldwide action

8 de December 2021Adriana Clivillé

At CREAF we have joined the Global Coalition United for Biodiversity promoted by the European Commission, and we expand the growing list of international organizations and institutions that call for the protection of biodiversity worldwide.


It’s a fact, we lose biodiversity: time for action?

6 de October 2021CREAF

The IDEES Journal, published by the Centre for the Study of Contemporary Issues. Department of Institutional and External Affairs and Relations and Transparency, has published a monograph on the 2030 Agenda in which the different types of challenges involved are described. CREAF has led and written the chapter on biodiversity conservation, which is described below.


CREAF, observer organisation at the 8th IPBES plenary session

14 de June 2021Carla Kühleis

As a new observer organization, from CREAF we are taking part in the IPBES 8th Plennary session, from today 14th to the 24th of June 2021. Our scientific coordinator, Alícia Pérez-Porro, and researcher Lluís Brotons are taking part in this annual meeting that is held online.


The conservation of biodiversity, key to the future of the Catalan economy

17 de January 2020Anna Ramon Revilla

During the second day organized by CREAF, the College of Economists and the Department of Territory on the IPBES report it became clear that the estimated cost of protecting biodiversity in Catalonia is 129 million euros per year. year. In Spain, 0.19% of GDP should be invested in the Natura 2000 network. A network that also generates 187,093 direct jobs and 401,906 indirect ones.


Mountain birds in decline in Europe

28 de January 2019Anna Ramon Revilla

CREAF and ICO (Catalan Ornithological Institute) researchers Sergi Herrando and Lluís Brotons have participated in a study that shows populations of birds described as “mountain specialists” to have fallen by 10% in a decade in Europe. The situation is even more alarming in the Pyrenees and elsewhere in the Iberian Peninsula, where mountain bird populations fell by 21%.

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