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Plant’s Lego

26 de December 2017Francisco Lloret

How are plants organized in the world? Why have they evolved this way? Francisco Lloret answers that after researcher Carlos Herrera was granted with the Haeckel Price in ecology.


Why are there so many plants?

1 de December 2017Jaume Terradas

Which characteristics of the environment and living beings can explain the great diversity of plants and life in general on Earth?


Climate change is already threatening the Mediterranean ecosystems of Catalonia

19 de July 2017Albert Naya i Díaz

An extensive review of studies and databases reveals that drought and an increase in temperature are already causing species substitutions, greater aridity, higher forest fire risk, lower soil fertility, and lower water availability, among other negative impacts.


Plants absorb pharmaceuticals and personal-care products carried by irrigation water

18 de May 2017CREAF

Pharmaceutical and personal-care products for human and animal use are increasingly released into the environment. 


Geobotany and plant ecophysiology in Europe: some masters

4 de May 2017Jaume Terradas

A review about the history of the most outstanding authors in the fields of geobotany and ecophysiology.


The State of the World’s Plants, a gift from the Kew Gardens

9 de June 2016Jaume Terradas

In mid-May, NASA announced the discovery of 1,284 new planets, thanks to the Kepler space telescope. Quite a lot... The globalization seems to make the Earth small and small, but the known Universe grows fast.

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