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Sex is not a factor in whether Hermann’s tortoises have four or five digits

2 de December 2019Verónica Couto Antelo

A study published in the journal Organisms Diversity & Evolution has shown that it is variation between populations and not, as previously thought, between sexes that determines whether Hermann’s tortoises have four or five digits on their front feet.


The first citizens’ observatory for monitoring urban butterflies is up and running

22 de February 2019Anna Ramon Revilla

The observatory is the first of its kind in Spain and CREAF is coordinating the team of scientists behind it. They will be working with volunteers to monitor the evolution of butterfly populations in 54 parks and gardens in Barcelona and Madrid.


Mountain birds in decline in Europe

28 de January 2019Anna Ramon Revilla

CREAF and ICO (Catalan Ornithological Institute) researchers Sergi Herrando and Lluís Brotons have participated in a study that shows populations of birds described as “mountain specialists” to have fallen by 10% in a decade in Europe. The situation is even more alarming in the Pyrenees and elsewhere in the Iberian Peninsula, where mountain bird populations fell by 21%.


How the forests of the Iberian Peninsula have changed over 25 years?

18 de December 2017Albert Naya i Díaz

The increase in drought episodes and the lack of water in the soil have favored Mediterranean species. At the same time, conifers are losing ground because they are less adapted to droughts. These trends correspond to the period of 1987 to 2012 and have been confirmed through satellite remote sensing images.


One year after the Òdena forest fire: regeneration is better in areas thinned before the fire

25 de July 2016Verónica Couto Antelo

Anoia and Bages suffered a large forest fire in July 2015, which burned 1,235 ha. Areas of Aleppo pine that had been thinned previously are recovering better than non-thinned areas in terms of resprouting species of trees and shrubs. The regeneration of the Aleppo itself has been more modest and sparse, but they can be found throughout the burnt area.


The expansion of the Oaks “chokes” the forests of the Iberian Peninsula

6 de November 2013Anna Ramon Revilla

A study conducted by researchers at the CREAF and the Autonomous University of Barcelona demonstrates that many pine populations of the Iberian Peninsula are in decline. The study foresees a very unfavorable scenario for some pine species with predicted climate change, which would see the pines negatively affected by both the expansion of the holm-oak, as well as an increase in drought and fire.

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