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The soundscape created by birds is becoming quieter and less varied, with potential effects on people’s health

2 de November 2021Adriana Clivillé

The favourable properties of natural soundscapes are changing, due to declining bird populations and their new geographic distribution. As a consequence, the trill of birds is changing and birdsongs at dawn are becoming quieter and less varied.


During the lockdown, nature did not invade the cities, it only became more visible

12 de March 2021Anna Ramon Revilla

After a year of lockdown in the world, the results of the scientific project are available, promoted with the aim of understanding the effects of shutdown on nature. A scientific work in which we have collaborated with the Catalan Institute of Ornithology and published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B.


Climate change affects birds in Europe and North-America differently than in the Mediterranean, and could expose them to a climate trap

17 de February 2021Anna Ramon Revilla

The behavior of bird communities in Europe and in the United States and Canada due to climate change is different than in the Mediterranean area. It changes faster in winter, when they migrate, than in spring, when they nest.


We participate in Europabon, the biodiversity observation project at the service of European public policies

28 de December 2020Adriana Clivillé

We are involved in the European project H2020 EuropaBON (Europa Biodiversity Observation Network: integrating data streams to support policy), which aims to create a standard for controlling biodiversity and ecosystems in Europe, to integrate data and support public policies.


New European Breeding Bird Atlas, a milestone for biodiversity research and nature conservation

3 de December 2020Adriana Clivillé

A new European breeding bird atlas (EBBA2), an initiative of the European Bird Census Council (EBCC), is published with updated information on the distribution and abundance of all bird species in Europe, with high scientific standards and a citizen science approach.


Mountain birds in decline in Europe

28 de January 2019Anna Ramon Revilla

CREAF and ICO (Catalan Ornithological Institute) researchers Sergi Herrando and Lluís Brotons have participated in a study that shows populations of birds described as “mountain specialists” to have fallen by 10% in a decade in Europe. The situation is even more alarming in the Pyrenees and elsewhere in the Iberian Peninsula, where mountain bird populations fell by 21%.


Birds and butterflies are key indicators for the measurement of biodiversity loss

11 de November 2015Anna Ramon Revilla

According to a study in which CREAF participated, the populations of birds or butterflies living in open habitats have been negatively affected by the loss of field and scrubland habitat. Conversely, species which live in forests have been favored. These variations were related with changes in the Catalonian (and Mediterranean) landscape over the last few decades. 

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