The study was carried out in beech and pine forests in Europe. Image: Galdric Mossoll.
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Galdric Mossoll

Trees not only absorb CO2, they also clean the air of nitrogenous compounds

A new international study demonstrates the crucial role of micro-organisms on tree leaves in removing nitrogenous compounds from the air. The study shows that trees are not only excellent at absorbing carbon dioxide, but also play a surprising role in retaining and transforming other pollutants such as nitrogenous compounds.  The scientific team, led by Rossella Guerrieri, a Marie Sklodowska Curie researcher at CREAF while this research was being carried out, has discovered the presence of nitrifying microbes in tree leaves

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How to reduce water fragility in a context of drought

Why can the drought that Catalonia is experiencing today not be blamed solely on climate change? Could the situation of persistent drought be a foreshadowing of what Europe will experience in the coming years? To what extent does the situation have to do with water management policies? What are the steps we need to take from now on? We are trying to provide a summary to answer these questions, about a case that is not isolated and may be the

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What resistance does science find to be equitable? 

o commemorate this year’s International Day of Women and Girls in Science, CREAF launches a campaign to raise awareness about the resistances that research centers still encounter in achieving gender equity.

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