Angham Daiyoub, forestry engineer and doctoral researcher. Image: CREAF.
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Adriana Clivillé

Angham Daiyoub and how to bring together forest, armed conflict, environmental justice and ecofeminism

The key words in Syrian-born researcher Angham Daiyoub’s speech are environmental justice, forest, biodiversity, women, armed conflict and conservation. Not necessarily in this order, but they are all there. And that is why a careful look is needed when talking to her, to avoid stereotypes and recurring questions. She is a PhD student at CREAF with a doctoral thesis on

The Bayan Obo mine in Inner Mongolia (China) contains a large amount of rare earth minerals. Source: REUTERS (2011).
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Anna Ramon

Humans milk the periodic table turning a blind eye to its risks

For millions of years, nature has basically been getting by with just a few elements from the periodic table. However, to build the world of humans we need many more. A new article analyses the reasons and consequences of this divergence.

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Veronica Couto Antelo

Individual and global decisions to avoid tropical primary forest loss

To close the PRIMARY project we present a final report of lessons learned during this project. It is a compilation of the conclusions of the meeting with experts related to the deforestation of tropical forests from very different backgrounds: science, administration, journalism and consumer departments, among others. What is the reason for this cross-disciplinarity? The threats to these forests are diverse and one of the main threats is the consumption of soya, palm and other products grown in the Global

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Veronica Couto Antelo

Has there always been climate change like this or is this just more misleading information?

Disinformation arrives in all our homes, like distant family at Christmas, and sometimes it makes us doubt; even more so when the denialist discourse comes from people who are supposed to have a scientific basis. The same has happened this week in the journal of the College of Geologists, where a geologist has written denying the link between current climate change and human action. As a result, the country’s leading experts in the historical study of climate and its changes

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