Àmbit: Forest ecology

CREAF's pre-doctoral researcher Gerard Codina lived very close to the fires in the Canadian forests in 2023 from Montreal.
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Gerard Codina and the experience of fire to protect forests

Wildfires in Canada during the summer of 2023 destroyed forests, habitats and infrastructures and burned more land than in the previous 7 years. A state of emergency that CREAF pre-doctoral researcher Gerard Codina experienced first-hand from Montreal.

Angham Daiyoub, forest engineer and doctoral researcher. Image: Angham Daiyoub.
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The war in Syria has wiped out 19% of the country’s forests, equivalent to the entire metropolitan area of Barcelona

The sustained destruction of forest cover is the critical result of the war that Syria has been experiencing since 2011, especially in the northeastern mountain range and around Damascus -the capital in the south- with long-term environmental and humanitarian consequences. CREAF pre-doctoral researcher Angham Daiyoub is the first author of the scientific article analysing the situation.

Singular forest in Catalonia. Image: Lluís Comas.
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What is forest resilience?

The changing climate paradigm, coupled with the accumulation of disturbances, is testing the resilience of forests around the world. The capacity of species to adapt to these conditions will define the forests of the future. But, are Mediterranean forests resilient enough?

DigiMedFor focuses on the competitiveness of forestry wood in the Mediterranean basin. Image: Public domain.
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DigiMedFor aims to transform the Mediterranean forestry sector through digital innovation and sustainability

The purpose of DigiMedFor is to increase the competitiveness of the Mediterranean forest wood supply, thanks to a profound transformation of its technological reality. This improves the management of multiple forest ecosystem services and facilitates traceability of the origin of timber as a resource for business and industry. Image: Public domain.

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