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Mosquito Alert mobile app. Source: Mosquito Alert
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Mosquito Alert citizen science project wins international WSA 2023 award 

The citizen science project Mosquito Alert has received the international WSA 2023, in the ‘Smart Settlements and Urbanisation’ category, which highlights the importance of digital solutions to create healthier, more sustainable and inclusive urban environments.

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What resistance does science find to be equitable? 

o commemorate this year’s International Day of Women and Girls in Science, CREAF launches a campaign to raise awareness about the resistances that research centers still encounter in achieving gender equity.

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The journey towards the societal impact of CREAF’s research

At present, the socio-environmental challenges that we have to face are increasingly urgent, and the research on climate change and nature that is carried out within CREAF cannot ignore this reality. We need to understand how our research has served to improve political action, social awareness and territorial management, and look at how to do this even more strongly and with more scope.

Cuadro 'Grupo de personajes en el bosque' de Joan Miró en enero de 1931. Óleo sobre tela que se puede visitar en la Fundació Joan Miró (Barcelona).

What are nature-based solutions?

It is almost a year since a worldwide agreement to protect Earth’s biodiversity was reached (at long last). Its official name is the Kunming-Montreal Global

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2022 at CREAF at a glance

CREAF has released its annual report for 2022, which provides a comprehensive overview of our scientific activities throughout the year, and showcases a solidified presence

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