Author: Anna Ramon

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The journey towards the societal impact of CREAF’s research

At present, the socio-environmental challenges that we have to face are increasingly urgent, and the research on climate change and nature that is carried out within CREAF cannot ignore this reality. We need to understand how our research has served to improve political action, social awareness and territorial management, and look at how to do this even more strongly and with more scope.

A raccoon (Procyon lotor) being fed by a person. Generally, you should never feed wild animals. Anyone who comes across a wild raccoon in Catalonia should call the territory’s Rural Agents (telephone no. 93 114 68 87). Photo: public domain.
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Catalonia presents its invasive alien species blacklists and watchlists

The report, addressed to the more than 140 governments that constitute the IPBES, describes almost 300 species that require control and eradication actions, in the case of 172 blacklisted species, and monitoring and surveillance in the case of 125 on the watchlist.

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