Author: Adriana Clivillé

Basalt is an abundant, highly resilient rock resource already used in agriculture, to a lesser extent in forestry, but so far rarely used in natural and restoration ecosystems. Image: Thomas Hays, under a Creative commons license.
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How crushed rocks can help capture CO₂

Rock dust could remove 2.5 gigatonnes of CO₂ from the atmosphere, of which almost 50% would be thanks to the response of the biosphere, according

Maurizio Mencuccini's life journey (pictured in blue shirt) includes stable periods in the United States, Scotland, Australia and Catalonia. From left to right, Rafael Oliveira (Campinas), Maurizio Mencuccini, Lucy Rowland (Exeter), Patrick Meir (Canberra) in Caxiuana National Park, Brazil. Image: Maurizio Mencuccini.
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Maurizio Mencuccini, the nomadic scientist

Maurizio Mencucini‘s taste for constant itinerancy was awakened by a professor at the University of Florence, who constantly pushed his students to leave Italy. Today

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