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Singular forest in Catalonia. Image: Lluís Comas.
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What is forest resilience?

The changing climate paradigm, coupled with the accumulation of disturbances, is testing the resilience of forests around the world. The capacity of species to adapt to these conditions will define the forests of the future. But, are Mediterranean forests resilient enough?

Mosquito Alert mobile app. Source: Mosquito Alert
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Mosquito Alert citizen science project wins international WSA 2023 award 

The citizen science project Mosquito Alert has received the international WSA 2023, in the ‘Smart Settlements and Urbanisation’ category, which highlights the importance of digital solutions to create healthier, more sustainable and inclusive urban environments.

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What resistance does science find to be equitable? 

o commemorate this year’s International Day of Women and Girls in Science, CREAF launches a campaign to raise awareness about the resistances that research centers still encounter in achieving gender equity.

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