Forest ecology

Població de Pinus sylvestris amb arbres atacats per escolítids (Catalunya). S'observa en les copes de color marró. Foto: Luciana Jaime.
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Veronica Couto Antelo

Forest pests are becoming increasingly aggressive because of global warming

The scientific community has already shown that forests growing in a climate unsuitable for them, such as a spruce in a dry climate, are easily more affected by forest diseases or pest attacks. However, according to the article recently published in Global Change Biology, climate change is making it possible for even forests living in their most optimal environment to be affected

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Adriana Clivillé

Maurizio Mencuccini, the nomadic scientist

Maurizio Mencucini‘s taste for constant itinerancy was awakened by a professor at the University of Florence, who constantly pushed his students to leave Italy. Today