Women and girls in science beyond the 11th of February

Once again, the 11th of February is here, the day set aside to vindicate the role of women and girls in science.. At CREAF we are also in favour of these annual campaigns, but we also want to share our commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive organisational culture 365 days a year. For this reason, our campaign this year will be dedicated to the time “between campaigns” and we are launching an advent calendar that will be opened on the 11th of each month until February 2024 with a highlighted action of Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.

The last few months at CREAF have been marked by the renewal of our JEDI action plan following an in-depth diagnosis which was presented internally at a participative conference in October 2022. The idea is that the actions that we are discovering each month under the form of posters correspond to the same actions that CREAF staff proposed at the conference, and that will be included in the new 2023-2027 plan.

Teresa Rosas
"The days marked on the agenda to make our demands are necessary, but to achieve a real change in the day to day life of each centre we need an action plan for 365 days of the year. In addition, it is essential to have financial resources and a team of committed people to monitor this plan"
TERESA ROSAS, coordinator of the JEDI group and the Equality Office.

Calendar of events

CREAF’s advent calendar will open in February to remind us of the importance of gender and diversity awareness campaigns, with a compilation of those we have carried out in recent years.

Gender and diversity awareness is a process that helps to facilitate the exchange of ideas, improve mutual understanding and promote the skills and abilities necessary for social change. It also aims to show how values and norms influence the perception of our reality, can reinforce stereotypes and support structures that produce inequalities.

These images show this and four other actions that we would like to highlight. Here’s to many more 11 February and months of campaigns!

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