A new JEDI committee will ensure diversity and inclusion in CREAF

Image: public domain (Georg Eiermann at Unsplash)
Image: public domain (Georg Eiermann at Unsplash)

CREAF is committed to the principles of Justice, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) and for this reason, in 2018 the center’s first Equal Opportunities Plan 2018-2021 was approved. During 2022, work has begun on the diagnosis and renewal of this Plan with a new Gender Equality Committee which has been renamed the JEDI committee (Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) and which represents the institutional body that will ensure an inclusive and diverse CREAF.

The committee members were chosen in an open call and represent the diversity of people who work at CREAF, and the different professional categories: research staff, with Annelies Broekman and Luca Da Sois; technical staff, with Eduard Pla and Mireia Banqué; administration and management staff, with Anabel Sánchez and a person appointed by the CIC (works committee) of CREAF. The person appointed by the Management to coordinate the JEDI committee is Teresa Rosas, the center’s current head of talent and gender.

Annelies Broekman

Annelies Broekman

Luca Da Sois

Luca Da Sois

Eduard Pla Ferrer

Mireia Banque i Casanovas

Anabel Sànchez Plaza

Teresa Rosas

“The new team will be fundamental in the design and monitoring of the new JEDI Plan 2022-2026 that we have already begun to consider, but we need to incorporate the JEDI principles across the center and for each department and office to make them their own”

TERESA ROSAS, coordinator of the JEDI committee

Training and awareness for all staff

On 2021, two training courses have been organized to energize, raise awareness and strengthen people’s knowledge and skills when it comes to getting involved in gender equality issues. Specifically, work has been done on how to include the gender perspective in a research project, and on the other hand, a course has been offered on the concepts and practical tools to prevent and address sexual and gender-based harassment.

The courses were attended by 42 participants (60% women and 40% men), and administration and management staff have registered the highest participation. It should be noted that compared to the previous year, the participation of senior research staff has increased significantly (from 3 people in 2020 to 9 people in 2021), as well as from the management team.

In addition, on 2022, the JEDI committee has carried out a very special awareness-raising activity for the 11F in commemoration of the Day of Women and Girls in Science, together with the collaboration of the Communication department. The campaign presented a collection of satirical cartoons illustrated by Javier Royo that represented different situations of gender inequality, commonly experienced in the scientific sector. Each vignette appealed to men and women, and research centers, to join this debate and to give visibility to the improbable (but true) situations that occur in the scientific field.

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