CREAF joins the AMWAJ Alliance to promote sustainable water management in the Mediterranean

CREAF has joined the AMWAJ Alliance, the initiative that works to promote and raise awareness of sustainable water management on the southern and northern shores of the Mediterranean, with a special focus on the southern countries The actions promoted by this alliance are mainly aimed at communicating current water-related challenges with impact and in a reliable manner. Consequently, its work is aimed at political decision-makers, media professionals, research centres and companies.

In its recent trajectory, AMWAJ has promoted training, networking and dissemination actions. In particular, it links research, public policy and media around a water and energy community in the Mediterranean It also promotes webinars and learning sessions for media professionals, as well as other training resources designed for journalists specialising in sustainability and climate change.

ItIts main objective is to build a water and energy community, to positively influence sustainable policies in the Mediterranean and to raise awareness of the importance of implementing solutions to climate challenges. AMWAJ is a proposal of REVOLVE, a communication group that promotes sustainability projects in the areas of water, ecosystems, energy, mobility and circular economy.

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