Report from Oslo, where research management and administration are (also) of excellence

EARMA conference in Oslo. A great opportunity to share relevant information on management, administration and support for science. Image: CREAF.
EARMA conference in Oslo. A great opportunity to share relevant information on management, administration and support for science. Image: CREAF.

This year saw the return of the face-to-face conference of EARMA, the European Association of Research Managers and Administrators. The conference, which focused on providing the latest advances and exchanging best practices, was attended by a delegation from CREAF, which is also an institutional member of EARMA. The heads of the international project office, the project manager, the impact manager, the talent and gender manager and the communications dircom were able to attend the conference which was held in Oslo last May thanks to the support of the Severo Ochoa “ULandscape” funded in 2019 by the State Research Agency.

This year’s conference focused on topics such as open science, responsible research and innovation, organisation of management and support services, science policy and strategy, pre-award and post-award management, scientific career development and research impact, among others.

EARMA represents the research management community (RMA). In Europe, it works with the European Commission and national and international funding agencies, providing a networking forum, a learning platform and a place to share experiences and best practices among RMAs.

CREAF in Oslo

“This event and the whole EARMA is a recognition of excellence (also) in research management and administration, a recognition of the profession”.

OLGA ROIG, head of International projects at CREAF
Teresa Rosas

“It was very nice to see in practice the value of diversity of people, skills and experiences in our profession and to learn about creative ways to face our daily work challenges”.

TERESA ROSAS, Talent and Gender officer at CREAF

“The figure of the research manager is becoming more and more professional, on the one hand because it is becoming more and more necessary, and on the other because we have more and more tools and training available.

The public research landscape has changed a lot since the first FP7. Today, in Horizon Europe, we must take into account the growing importance of impact, the focus on challenges and the new instruments to promote transfer”.

MÒNICA CUNILL, International projects officer at CREAF.

“As in research, collaborating and learning from others is also essential in the management and administration of research.

In relation to impact, this is concretised in the new EARMA Impact Thematic Group that has started during this conference and that offers the necessary space to share experiences and resources”.

ANABEL SÀNCHEZ, Impact officer at CREAF

This action is part of the Severo Ochoa “ULandscape” programme funded in 2019 by the State Research Agency of the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation to support Research Centres of Excellence.

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