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A piece of soil from a regenerative farm. Photo: Ángela Justamante, CREAF.
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What is regenerative agriculture?

You go to a supermarket and you find what you want regardless of whether it is its growing season or not: plums, mangoes and melons

Warming is a problem for the coldest, most remote communities. Photo: Unsplash/Public Domain.

Part of Earth is always frozen and acts as a giant refrigerator for carbon

The price of homes is falling sharply in some northern regions of the planet. Why? Because the seemingly permanently frozen ground they were built on is now thawing. This has much more far-reaching implications for the climate, and could even spell defeat in the battle against global warming.

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CREAF earns ‘Severo Ochoa’ accreditation

In its application, CREAF proposed a strategic research plan for generating knowledge to help tackle the 21st century’s main environmental problems, such as climate change


The adventures of nest-making solitary bees

Cut leaves, collect mud, make a cellophane-type material – bees make sophisticated nests in thousands of different ways, improving their competitiveness as well as protecting

Cavalls pasturant en un bosc. Autor: CREAF

What are ecosystem services?

Ecosystem services are the benefits that an ecosystem provides to society by improving people’s health, the economy, and quality of life in general. An ecosystem

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Daring to live on the edge

Around the world, invasive animal species are pushing out the natives, sometimes forever altering ecosystems. House sparrows are a prime example, having spread from Europe

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