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Cabin in the Asturian mountains. Image: Paco Lloret
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Ecology and rural depopulation

The depopulation of the rural world has earned a place on the political and social agenda. The Spanish government and the Autonomous Regions have programmes to reverse or at least mitigate it. Even the European Union is drawing up strategies and action plans. There are many reasons for this.


About lies and punishments

Jaume Terradas wrote a few days ago about lies, pseudo-truths, their ubiquity in nature, and their ethical connotations. His writing is timely, thoughtful and in


Pragmatic ecology

Recently, my friend Paul Zedler raised a question between insidious and philosophical: our scientific procedure based on searching for processes and establishing causal relationships, has

Els guacamais (Ara spp.) solen tenir coloracions molt vistoses. (CC0-PD).

Game of mirrors in Ecology

Life is supported on the planet by the interactions between organisms. This interactions often are subject to a set of more or less distorted appearances,

Photo by Adolfo Félix on Unsplash

On maps, species and clima

Maps are a key tool for ecologists and naturalists. What is its origin? What applications can have? The phenomena that studies ecology have an important


On science, environmentalism and optimism

The human footprint on Earth is undoubted and inevitable to some extent . Science and technology, far from contributing to create more inequalities, must be able

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Fractal life

Fractals fascinate everyone who sees them. Why do we feel this sensation? And why do we often find them in nature?


A tale in Trieste

At the end of the 19th century, the border region between Italy and Slovenia had mountains with no trees. A massive reforestation ordered by the

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