Secció: Jaume Terradas' notes

El tauró blanc. Font: (CC BY 2.0) Elias Levy

About sharks and humans

Jaume Terradas talks about the fight between humans and Evil, represented by the figures of the white whale, in Moby Dick, and the white shark

Josep Peñuelas, en una foto en motiu del 'Cuestionario Big Vang' de La Vanguardia, del passat 18 de gener.

Peñuelas, awarded with Margalef Prize

In the prizes to the trajectory of a scientist, people say , the hardest is to begin, because after the first award, the winner can

Muntanyes Haraz, al Iemen. Autor: Rod Waddington (CC BY-SA 2.0)

About books, science and bureaucracy

In this post-Sant Jordi commentary, I should like to refer to just a few books of great quality and interest on some perhaps less well-known

Comunitat d'humans, animals i plantes. Reproducció al Nairobi National Museum, Kenya. Autor (CC BY 2.0) Ninara

Communities are not what they used to be

A major (and controversial) topic in ecology is the way in which plants and animals associated to form natural communities. Discussions on this point started

Cyborg 2


We cannot remain indifferent to the intriguing and risky world of possibilities that opens up as a result of biology merging with technology, evolution and

Camps de conreu. Foto: Wikipedia (CC)

Nothing can be understood without evolution…

This phrase is often repeated among biologists, but it is time for non-biologists to recognize the truth of this statement. In the opening session of

Aiguamoll. Foto: J.P.Roja (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Natural communities

When I studied the subject of ecology at the University of Barcelona, about the years 1964-65 (fifty years ago!), Margalef was our teacher. Even though

Bath In The Light. Martin Gommel

The man’s place in ecosystems

Ecologists have talked and written a lot about how human activities change ecosystems or living conditions, at the local or global scales. We also claim

The first nature intinerary of Spain took place in Santiga. Photo: Jaume Terradas.
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Is environmental education working?

In the year 1970, an international meeting was held, organized by IUCN and UNESCO, on Environmental Education in the School Curriculum, at the Foresta Institute